County-wide Planning

The links to these websites and blogs are included to provided for background information, context and "food for thought".  They are not endorsed by nor do they necessarily represent the views of the Penrose Neighborhood Association.

In addition to the projects that take place near or within Penrose, there are County-wide policies, plans and standards that lay the groundwork for all projects.  Here are the most applicable, useful and generally interesting documents:

General Land Use Plan (GLUP) - sets the "by-right" zoning and density allowances for all land in the County.

Master Transportation Plan - lays out goals, policies and standards for transportaton in the County.  Everything from street widths and sidewalk widths to parking policiesand planned locations of new bike lanes.

Public Spaces Master Plan - inventories existing public spaces (like parks and rec centers) and provides guidelines for new spaces and renovation of existing spaces.

Public Art Master Plan - focuses on public art projects related to County capital spending projects, developer community-benefit contributions, and neighborhood improvement and conservation.

Urban Forest Master Plan - street tree inventory and analysis of the entire forest canopy.

Natural Resources Management Plan - defines natural resource problems and recommends policies and actions to preserve Arlington's documented natural resources for future generations

Historic Preservation Master Plan - policy guidlines and implementation framework for preserving historic resources in Arlington.

Other documents:

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