Pike Projects

The links to these websites and blogs are included to provided for background information, context and "food for thought".  They are not endorsed by nor do they necessarily represent the views of the Penrose Neighborhood Association.

Columbia Pike is a boundary, a major transportation route and the primary commercial corridor for Penrose.

While many of these projects won't affect land that is technically in Penrose, the changing face of the Pike still has a major effect on the neighborhood.

The Columbia Pike Multimodal Street Improvements Project

This project is determining what Columbia Pike will look like in the near-term, while we wait for redevelopment to occur along the Pike (there is already a plan for what the Pike should look like after redevelopment, the Columbia Pike Streetscape Plan). It is tackling a tough question - with only a limited amount of right-of-way, how should that space be allocated? Turn lanes? Street Trees? Wider sidewalks? Bike lanes?

Columbia Pike Neighborhoods Plan

Building on the foundation laid by the various phases of the Columbia Pike Initiative (see below) the Pike Neighborhoods plan lays out a vision for the areas between the existing commercial revitalization nodes and makes policy recommendations for achieving them. The plan was adopted at the July 2012 County Board meeting.  The resulting new Form-Based Code for the multi-family residential areas along the Pike is expected to be adopted Fall of 2013.

Washington Blvd Bridge over Columbia Pike

Construction has begun to replace the existing bridge carrying Washington Blvd (Route 27) over Columbia Pike (Route 244). The current bridge, built in the 1940s suffers from deteriorating concrete and corrosion and has been rated "poor" in recent structural inspections. The newly reconstructed bridge feature architectural and aesthetic elements meant to improve visual appeal and evoke the historical significance of the Freedmen's Village, for which the bridge will be named. It will also feature wider curb lanes on the Pike to accommodate on-street biking, wider sidewalks, a multi-use side path, an open light well to allow natural light to reach beneath the bridge, an additional acceleration/deceleration lane for westbound Washington Blvd and will coincide with a significant realignment and signalization of the various intersections of the interchange.

The Columbia Pike Initiative

The Columbia Pike Initiative (CPI) is a long-range vision and plan started in 1998 to "build a safer, cleaner, more competitive and vibrant Columbia Pike community." Most, if not all of the current projects and details studies happening on the Pike have grown out of this initiative including the Form Based Code, Street Space Task Force, the Pike Transit initiative and the Land Use & Housing study.

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